The cheap dog food does not mean a dog food with cheap ingredients but an affordable dog food which is available in low cost, high-quality ingredients, healthy, can be purchased within budget and have good nutrition values.

It has been believed that the good quality dog food is always available at high prices while this is not true. Today, the companies are making good quality of dog and reasonably priced them so that it can be purchased by the majority of the people. These types of foods are not only available for the adult dog but also for the growing puppy.

If you are the one who is looking for some suggestions to purchase cheap dog food, then you should check out the following list. Following I am sharing top 6 cheapest dog food which has been labeled as 5 stars by the recent customers, low in price and have the value of money ingredients.

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  1. Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Puppy
  2. Hill’s Ideal Balance Grain Free Adult Dog Dry Food Bag
  3. Merrick Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  4. Pedigree Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food Bonus Bags
  5. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food
  6. Dogswell Happy Hips Dry Dog Food

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. How to Pick the Best Cheap Dog Food?

3. Reviews of the Best Cheap Dog Foods

3.1 Diamond Naturals Dry Food

3.2 Hills Ideal Balance Dog Food

3.3 Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

3.4 Pedigree Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food

3.5 Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Dog Food

3.6 Dogswell Happy Hips Dog Food

4. Conclusion

How to Pick the Best Cheap Dog Food?

Purchasing a best cheap dog food is same as you are purchasing expensive food for your dog. Usually, the price of a product depends on the name of the brand but it does not mean that the cheap products have been produced by the new companies with the low material.

When it’s come to purchasing the food for your dog, the cheaper one, you have to make sure that you are not compromising with the quality of the ingredients. The dog food should be cheap in price but not in the quality. High-quality food is important because the dog’s body and brain rely on that. If you failed to provide the required amount of nutrition to your dog, your dog will become ill which will lead to many serious health conditions.

So, make sure that you are not compromising with quality over money. The popular dog brands are already making the low price dog food with the same amount of high-quality ingredients. This makes you comfortable to rely on their products.

When purchasing food for your dog, you have to take care of few things:

  • The quality of nutrition must be high
  • The ingredients have been extracted from the good source
  • Ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition should be balances
  • The price of the product should match your budget

You can also rely on the following list of cheap foods for the dog which I have created on the basis of price, ingredients, nutrition, and reviews of existing customers.

Reviews of the Best Cheap Dog Foods

Diamond Naturals Dry Food

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The cheap dog usually comes up with limited flavors but not this one. That’s why I am putting this product at the top of my list. So, that you can make a choice easily without going down and read about other products.

This product has been made with high quality of protein, amino acid and other important nutrition which makes your dog strong, healthy and active. It is available in chicken, lamb, salmon and beef flavors. It has been made in different pack size on the basis of dog’s size.

This dog food has been trusted by many pet organizations due to its healthy ingredients which are full of healthy minerals and vitamins. There isn’t any artificial flavor or ingredient has been added to this food including color, filler, wheat, corn, and soy etc.


  • Verity of flavors and pack sizes available
  • Rich with the high quality of protein
  • All minerals and vitamins are natural
  • Clean from artificial color, preservation, and flavors
  • Suitable for all life stages.


  • It is not grain free (barley and rice included)
  • This dog food may give the infection to some dogs.

This is one of the most sold dog food on Amazon due to its high quality of ingredients. So, you must purchase it without going through to any further details. It is available in small bags too, so you can purchase one for the testing purpose. By price is maybe not very cheap as compare to others but look at the ingredient list.

Check Price & Availability & Buyers Reviews

Hills Ideal Balance Dog Food

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It is hard to find the cheap dog food which is not only good in ingredients but also grain free. This item on my list of best affordable dog food is 100% free from the grain. It can be given to the dogs who are suffering from any skin or other infection. It is a medical formula which can be used on a daily basis as it will improve the health of the dog overall. Sadly it is available in one flavor only but this one is enough to make your dog love it.

This dog food has everything which is necessary for the dog’s body and brain; minerals, amino acids, vitamins and other healthy nutrition. Exclusive ingredients have been collected from different countries but made in the USA.


  • Only healthy and balanced ingredients added
  • It is 100% grain free food with lean protein
  • Vitamins have been extracted from vegetables
  • No artificial items have been added at all
  • Free from artificial colors and flavors.


  • Does not offer discount all the time
  • Some people complain about the texture.

While the price of the product is already low but the company offers the discount on the yearly subscription. So, if you are looking for a long-term solution of the cheap dog food, then you must consider purchasing this product for your dog.

Check Price & Availability & Buyers Reviews

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

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When its come to choosing a dog food, you have to look at the quality of protein, whether it is grain free or not and how the ingredients have been collected. All of these three has been added to this dog food wonderfully. It has a very high quality of protein which has been collected from deboned buffalo where it is 100% grain free. This means that this formula does not contain any of the soy, gluten, wheat, and corn etc.

It is available in 10 different flavors including duck, turkey, salmon, and beef. You can easily purchase one which matches the taste of your dog. All of the ingredients which have been used to make this product has been cooked in the USA. The company promised to not include any China-based ingredient in their premium quality cheap dog food.


  • About 10 different flavor and bag sizes
  • High-quality protein collected from buffalo
  • Premium formula for healthy coat and skin
  • Easy to digest, boost metabolism and immune system
  • Suitable for all ages of dogs.


  • This product has some very strong smell
  • Users complain about the amount of salt.

This dog food will make your life very easy not just because of its lower price but due to the flavors available. Yes, prices are bit high as compare to other cheapest dog foods but look at the choice of flavors and options to purchase in different pack sizes.

Check Price & Availability & Buyers Reviews

Pedigree Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food

[asa2 tpl=”Horizontal_box” tracking_id=”idogfoods-20″]B00008GKAV[/asa2]

When I looked at the price of this product, I did not believe in. Yes, it is the cheapest dog food available at the time on Amazon and other online stores. This is temporary discount so you should not miss out to purchase it for your dog in bulk.

It has all the important ingredients and nutrition which has been extracted from the all natural sources. It is available in two different flavors but the nutrition has been collected from rice, vegetables, and chicken.

This product has been formalized to provide energy to the dog. Important nutrition of this product is Omega 6, zinc, B vitamins and fatty acids etc. These ingredients make the immune system strong, boost metabolism and provide the balanced nutrition to the dogs.


  • One of the cheapest dog food available on the market
  • High-quality nutrition including healthy fatty acids
  • This product also has antioxidant nutrition
  • The formula of this product strong immune system


  • Available in two flavors only
  • The food may be mold if does not use on time.

This is one of the cheapest and healthy dog foods on my list. So, you should not ignore it to purchase. It is available in small pack size too. Before ordering in bulk to get more discounts, you must give try to the small pack and see that whether your dog likes it or not.

Check Price & Availability & Buyers Reviews

Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Dog Food

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The Natural Balance is an expensive brand but I am still able to found a cheap product of this popular brand. There isn’t any reason to discuss the quality of this product because this brand is known for its high-quality products which are rich with the best ingredients. It is rich with expensive ingredients like Omega 6 and omega 3 which help to maintain healthy skin and coat of the dogs.

This product is not made for any specific breed or size of the dog. The dogs of all life stages can eat this food because all nutrition has been well balanced in it. To keep it healthy and simple, the company has not added many ingredients but only focused on healthy and minimum ingredients.

This product does not contain any preservation, flavor or even the color. It has been made from all organic ingredients and available in both small and large sizes with different bad sizes.


  • Rich in fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6
  • Available for puppies and adults separately
  • Affordable price with rich ingredients
  • Both small and large bites available
  • No artificial flavor and colors added.


  • It may give diarrhea to the adult dogs
  • Not suitable for dogs with food allergies.

If you are brand curious and want to give your dog only branded food, then this is the best pick for you. This food has been made by the popular dog brand and it is available in very reasonable price. It is available in a small bag too so you can purchase it for the testing purpose.

Check Price & Availability & Buyers Reviews

Dogswell Happy Hips Dog Food

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This food may look cheapest in the price but it is not cheap at all in term of healthy ingredients. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin which will help to keep your dog’s body healthy and active. It is available in two different recopies; chicken and oats.

To make it more valuable for the people, the company is selling this dog food in different sizes including a pack of 4 pounds only. Currently, the company is offering big discount on the purchase of the 22 pounds bag. So, you should purchase it to save further money.

To keep it original and healthy for all breeds of the dog, the company has not included the soy, wheat, and corn in it but only relied on real chicken to keep it healthy and tasty for the dogs.


  • Made from the real chicken
  • No artificial flavor added
  • Free from soy, corn, and wheat
  • Carb extracted from oats
  • Contain 12% of crude fat.


  • It can give the gas problem
  • This food contains rice
  • The original price is high.

By selling this food in small pack sizes, the company is making easy for the dog owners to use this product as the sample. This option can save money for the customers as they can simply purchase the small bag. This will help them to decide that whether it is suitable for their dogs or not.

Check Price & Availability & Buyers Reviews

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In the end, I will repeat again, do not compromise with the quality of dog food over price. The good quality dog food can be purchased at a cheap price. All you have to do is to search. To help you with this, I have already shared by suggestion.

These products are suitable for all breeds of the dogs and all ages of the dog. So, purchase one without worrying about the final results as these are proven as healthy dog food brands which have been approved by IDF.