Have you recently adopted a large breed dog? Congratulations because the puppy is going to make your life more fun with their cure face and naughty activities. But hello, have you already decided that what you are going to feed him?

Yes, there is totally different food has been given to the large breed puppies. To help you with this, I bring the list of best large breed puppy food. This will help you in many ways to understand that what you should look at the product when you are purchasing one for your puppy.

Instead of sharing random food packs, I am only sharing the best rated large breed puppy food with you so you do not waste your time and money on non-branded products. But first, look at the other important things which you must know about before purchasing the food for your large breed puppy.

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  4. Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food
  5. Purina ONE SmartBlend Healthy Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. What to Consider When Doing a Large Breed Puppy Food Comparison?

2.1 Ingredients are the Most Important Things

2.2 There Should Be Only Balanced Nutrition

2.3 Look at the Reputation of Different Brands

2.4 Price is Defiantly Important to Keep it in the Budget

3. Best 5 Large Breed Puppy Food of 2018

3.1 Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Food

3.2 Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Food

3.3 Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dog Food

3.4 Eukanuba Puppy Dog Food

3.5 Purina ONE SmartBlend Puppy Food

4. FAQ

5. Conclusion

What to Consider When Doing a Large Breed Puppy Food Comparison?

There are several things which should be on your mind when you are purchasing and comparing different food brands for your large breed puppy. Following I am sharing, why these are important how they can help you to purchase the best food for your puppy.

Ingredients are the Most Important Things

The puppy of the large breed grows fast as compare to the small breed dogs. It could be only done only if the puppy is eating the food with the high quality of ingredients. If you failed to provide the required amount of ingredients, your puppy may face many health conditions. So, look at the ingredients and know that which should be ignored and which ingredients should be there in the food of your puppy.

There Should Be Only Balanced Nutrition

Indeed, the high nutrition food is good for the puppy because its help in the growth but giving less or very high amount of nutrition can ruin the health of the puppy. So, make sure that you are only purchasing dog food in which all nutrition is balanced.

Look at the Reputation of Different Brands

There are dozens of dog food brands which are known for their quality products. But this does not mean that you only look at the reputation of the brand. You must also look at the above-mentioned things. Some popular brands like Iams, Fromm, Nutrisource, Orijen, blue wilderness, hill’s science diet, Royal Canin, Wellness, and Nutro. These are popular brands due to the quality of their products. So, you can look at them when purchasing food for your large breed dog.

Price is Defiantly Important to Keep it in the Budget

Make sure that you keep in your budget and do not purchase an expensive product. If your dog gets used to an expensive food, you have to given that forever which will cost you a lot in future when the requirement of feeding will be increased. So, the puppy food should be purchased at an affordable price. Do not get impressed by high prices of the product but look at ingredients and nutrition.

Best 5 Large Breed Puppy Food of 2018

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Food

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The puppies required eating the healthy food with a high quality of the protein but when it’s come to the large breed puppies, you have to increase the amount of all of these things. This dog food by Diamond Pet Foods is rich with the nutrition and has the high quality of protein only. The protein for this product has been extracted from the real source only to provide only the quality food to the large breed puppies.

The dogs required to eat the fatty acids when they are the dog, to fulfill this requirement, the company has added antioxidants and high-quality fatty acids in this products. This will make the coat and skin of the dog healthy and shiny.

The balanced ingredients of this product will make the immune system of the dog strong, boost metabolism and make the bones strong etc. It has been made in the USA, so you can give it to your dog without any fear of low-quality ingredients. To make it versatile, this large breed puppy food can be given to any breed of the food as it contains the natural formula of healthy ingredients.


  • This dog food is available in 10 different flavors
  • There isn’t any corn, soy, filler, wheat, and colors added
  • To make it natural and healthy no preservation added
  • Made in the USA with trusted ingredients only
  • The high quality of protein, vitamins, and mineral added
  • By price, it is one of the cheapest giant breed dog foods.


  • In the start, this food may give diarrhea to the puppies
  • The taste and smell of this food are not very appealing.

In the start, you have to take the risk to purchase different dog food brands to test that whether its suitable for your puppy or not. This product is ideal in this case because it is available in small pack sizes at very affordable prices. So, you can purchase this dog food as a trial. So, if you are looking for such type of food which is also good for the quality and have the high-quality nutrition, then you must purchase this product for your dog.

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Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Food

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Don’t just look at the luxury packing of this product but also its high-quality ingredients. The large puppy needs to eat the high quality of protein as this help to make their bones strong and help in their body growth.

The company knows this very well that’s why they have added the high quality of protein in it which has been extracted from the real chicken only. It is only available in the single formula but this is enough to make any large breed dog physically and mentally fit.

In this product, the company has only added the high quality of ingredients in it. Every ingredient has been selected for specific nutritional purposes so that the puppy only eats the healthy food. Usually, the fatty acids have been collected from the secondary sources but Purina Pro Plan has only used the fish oil only which will nourish the brain and help to develop the better vision. Although by price, it is affordable as beginner puppy food.


  • Rich in calcium, phosphorus and important minerals
  • Helps to make the bones and teeth
  • Helps in vision development and nourish brain
  • Protein has been extracted from real chicken
  • Works great on the dogs with sensitive skin
  • This is a weight management formula for the puppies.


  • The quality of kibble is not very good as shown in the picture
  • Only one flavor available whose taste is not Rottweiler friendly.

I like the idea of making the puppy food in one flavor only. This will make the life of the dog owners easy as they do not need to get confused when ordering food for their large puppies.

This is an ideal product in this term and can be fed to any breed of large puppy as it has been recommended by the most vets around the world. The company has taken care of everything when formulizing this product as they have added high quality of protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrition.

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dog Food

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This dog food has been made for both; the large breed puppies and small breed puppies but available in different pack size according to the requirement of the breed. It is also available in different flavors which are good to develop the new taste of food among large breed puppies. The protein of this dog food has been extracted from the deboned chicken which is also rich with the delicious taste.

To fulfill the requirement of the healthy carbs, the company has used healthy ingredients like whole grains, fruit, and veggies in this formula. While the deboned chicken has been used for the protein purpose but there is no poultry used by the product meals.

The Blue Buffalo Life dog food formulas are famous for their high quality of ingredients. To make it more healthy and safe for the dogs, the company hasn’t any artificial flavor, preservations, and colors in this product. Even, the product is free from soy, corn, and wheat. Other important nutrition of this product included essential vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus which help to make teeth and bones of the large puppies strong.


  • The high quality of nutrition makes teeth and bones strong
  • Deboned chicken has been used to give natural flavor
  • Only real chicken has been used to get high-quality protein
  • Available in different pack sizes for different size of breeds
  • Whole grain, fruits, and veggies have been used for the ingredients
  • It is free from corn, soy, wheat and artificial flavors.


  • This large breed puppy food is not grain free
  • The size of the bites is small for the large breed.

If you have both the large and small breed dogs at home and you are looking for a versatile food product to feed both of them, you must consider purchasing this item. It is not only available in different sizes and flavors but also has the very high quality of ingredients.

All ingredients have been collected from natural sources to make this dog food healthy and nutrition full for the dog. The large breed puppies required to eat extra as compared to small, that’s why the company has made this product in large sizes while labeled it at affordable prices.

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Eukanuba Puppy Dog Food

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This is a proven formula which is not only approved by the IDF but also proven as a healthy source for the vision and brain development. It has all the natural and needed nutrition ingredients which are necessary for the optimal large breed join and bone growth.

The EUKANUBA dog food is known for their special ingredients. They have added the specialized fiber in this puppy food which does not only make the immune system of puppy strong but also help to boost their metabolism and digest system. This product also has the natural beet pulp which promoted healthy digestion and periodic DOS to promote nutrient absorption.

There aren’t any artificial flavors, color or preservations in this product while it is also free from fillers, corn, soy, and wheat. All the protein of this product has been extracted from animals which help to make muscles lean and strong. For healthy skin and coat, the company has added the balanced amount of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in this large breed puppy food.


  • Promote healthy brain and vision development
  • It is good as it provides the healthy radiant coat
  • This food has been proven to promote healthy skin
  • It is ideal to helps build immunity system in a dog
  • It is easy to digest and have good taste
  • Promote healthy bone and joint growth.


  • Too high in non-nutritional fillers
  • In the start, it may give diarrhea to the puppy.

There is two flavor of this dog food is available to purchase which is chicken and lamb. The good thing about this product is the verity of pack size and flavors which has been divided on the basis of the breed size of the dogs. There are pack sizes for the small breed of dogs and large breed of the dogs.

So, if you have a different breed of the dogs, then you can simply purchase different packs of same food. Overall, this is an ideal product for the large breed of puppy due to the natural ingredients and DHA formula to make the body and muscles of puppies strong in early age.

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Purina ONE SmartBlend Puppy Food

[asa2 tpl=”Horizontal_box” tracking_id=”B000634CK0″]B000634CK0[/asa2]

This large breed puppy food is not just healthy in term of high-quality ingredients but also cheapest on my list. You can purchase it in different sizes but it is available in single taste. Chicken is it’s number 1 ingredient while it is rich in the omega 6 to provide healthy fats to the dog body.

From vitamins to minerals, the company has added everything in balanced quantity so that your puppy could have strong bones, active brain, and teeth. To make immune system strong, the company added antioxidant in it so that it can because digest, boost metabolism and make the immune system of dog’s body strong to fight against different health conditions.

The food will start showing result within 20 days of the first fee. You will notice that how this food has made the coat and skin of your dog beautiful while its highly digestible property will make it easy for your dog to digest the food in short time.

This product is not grain free but it contains rice and corn for the carb purpose. All of the other carbs has been collected only from the quality source and mixed in the USA. The smile size of bites makes very easy for your large breed dog to eat it. You can also use it as treat during the early puppy training.


  • Very cheap in price
  • Antioxidant-rich nutrition
  • Best for an immune system
  • Omega 6 and real chicken
  • Highly digestible food
  • Provide energy to dog needs
  • Make coat beautiful
  • Skin gets healthy with time.


  • It is not grain free, contain corn and rice
  • The sizes of bites are quite short for the large breed.

When you had the large breed of puppy in your house, you get puzzled to decide that what to give and what not to give. This is a cheap large breed food which means that you can purchase it for the trial purpose and give it to your puppy. Overall, the existing customers have recommended this food for best skin, coat, immune system and digestible process. So, you must give a try to this brand and its puppy food to see the results.

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How often to feed a large breed puppy?

The quantity depends on the size of the cup. If you are giving half cup then you must feed at least three to four times to your large breed puppy. For 3/4 cup, feeding twice in a day is enough.

What is the best dog food for large breed puppies?

Any food which is rich with the high-quality ingredients, have balanced amount of nutrition and have other essential things like calcium, vitamins and healthy minerals etc.

Why is dry food better for the large breed puppy?

The dry food can be stored for the longer period where it is convenient to buy and store. It is also easier to measure dry food where they can help to make the teeth of puppies strong.

Video: Feeding Large Breed Puppies

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I have tried my best to share only best-rated products with you so you can end up easily with high-quality dog food for your large breed puppy. Especially, if you are totally new to purchasing puppy food then this list is not less than any blessing for you. Keep sharing your reviews with me in the comment section so I can improve the list on the basis of your trusted and real reviews only.