The dogs need to eat low protein dog food when they are suffering from chronic diseases which can be related to liver and kidney otherwise their food should be rich with the protein.

Today, the dog food brands know the importance of dog food which is low in protein and manufacturing many products for them. Purchasing the best among dozens of the difficult problem could be challenging. Defiantly, you can always ask your dog’s vet but they usually suggest you go with any random and popular brand until the dog is not suffering from the very serious chronic disease.

Following, I am sharing my list of top 8 low protein dog foods which are popular in the market due to some reasons. The following list includes the complete review, pros, and cons and why you should purchase it. I have also compared different brands with each other so that you can easily pick one for your dog.

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. How to Buy the Best Low Protein Dog Food?

2.1 Brand of the Dog Food

2.2 Quality of the Protein

2.3 The Ratio of Different Nutrition

2.4 Look at the Price

2.5 Online Reviews

3. What are the Benefits of Low Protein Dog Food?

4. List of Best Dog Food with Low Protein

4.1 CANIDAE Dry Dog Food

4.2 Purina NF Kidney Function Dog Food

4.3 Eagle Pack Dog Food

4.4 Wellness CORE Dry Dog Food

4.5 Mattie’s Healthy Treats for Dogs with Kidney Disease

4.6 Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food

4.7 ROYAL CANIN Canine Renal Support A Dry

4.8 Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dry Dog Food

5. FAQ About Dog Food Which is Low in Protein

6. Conclusion

How to Buy the Best Low Protein Dog Food?

There are not many things which you need to look at when you are purchasing food for your dog. You have to take care of the three things:

Brand of the Dog Food

Do not stick with the limited brand just because of its popularity or the way they market their products. Explore the other brands too (including the unpopular) when you are purchasing one for your dog. This will gives you more options.

Quality of the Protein

Protein can be taken from so many different sources including grain, wheat, soy, and meat. Make sure that you are only choosing the product which has the high quality of protein only. Usually, the grain free products are best. So, go with them.

The Ratio of Different Nutrition

The low protein ratio does not mean that you sacrifice with other nutrition. The other nutrition is equally important and required by the dog’s body to keep active and healthy. So, look at the ratio of other nutrition too, to come up with the best product.

Look at the Price

These types of food could be expensive as there are limited brands available. The cheap food may contain the low quality of protein and artificial flavor and colors. So, if you choose the cheap one, make sure that it is free of artificial flavors and colors and have the high quality of protein.

Online Reviews

Online reviews could help you to decide easily that whether you should purchase a product or not. The users share their experience. You can apply their stories on your situation before purchasing the one to decide that whether it is good for your dog or not.

Yes, you may look for other things too like type of foods (dry and wet) and also the size of bites. There is no limit to buy the best. All you need to do is a bit research and compare one dog food with other.

What are the Benefits of Low Protein Dog Food?

Usually, this food has been given to the dogs who are suffering from the liver and kidney related diseases. But other than helping liver and kidney to recover back into good health, this food can benefit in so many different ways. The other benefits are: Help to recover from many diseases including Lyme disease

  • Help to improve the digestion system and improve the health
  • Lower the quantity of toxins by reducing the production of them
  • Manage the body inflammation and give a healthy body
  • Low protein food can prevent the urinary stones among dogs
  • Discomfort occurred due to kidney disease has been decreased

Note: The vet may advise the low protein food to the dog in case of other health conditions.

List of Best Dog Food with Low Protein

Here is the list of products which I found popular on the internet. I have researched from different websites to read the maximum reviews and summarize them only with the quality stuff. This list is not prepared on the quality base but randomly. So, pick any of them which suit you most in term of price, nutrition, and quality.

CANIDAE Dry Dog Food

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This is the most popular low protein dog food available on the market. If you read its only reviews, you will found that it has the most positive reviews. That’s why I am adding this product at the top of my list so you don’t miss any chance to get familiar with it.

This dog food is available in different taste and sizes at low prices. It has 27% less protein than other dog food made by other brands. To make it less complex for the dog owners, the company has added balanced ingredients in this product. So dogs of all ages can enjoy this food.

There has not been any corn; soy and wheat have been used during the manufacturing of this product. Ideally, this dog food has been made for the less active dogs of all breeds and ages.

  • Never used chicken by-product meal
  • Vet formulated it with lower protein
  • Ideally for the fat and less active dogs
  • 27% less protein and fat than other brands
  • Made in the USA with high standards


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Different flavors available
  • Wheat, soy, and corn free
  • For seniors, puppies, and adults
  • Formulized by the vet
  • It is also grain free food


  • It has a short expiry period
  • The sizes of bites are small.

It is an ideal product for the dogs who are not only suffering from the liver or kidney diseases but also less active due to the other health problems. If you are health conscious about your dog, then you can start giving this food to your dog at very early age. The availability of flavors made it easy for your dog to get familiar with its taste in short time.

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Purina NF Kidney Function Dog Food

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There aren’t many online reviews available for this product because limited people have purchased it due to its price. It is a premium quality dog food made by the popular dog food brand called Purina Pro Plan.

This is more likely a medical product which has been made specifically for dog’s suffering from kidney conditions. It has the restricted amount of both; the protein and phosphorus. It improves the kidney health. That’s why vet suggests this brand of dog food to the dogs suffering from the kidney disease.

It contains the low quantity of sodium and balanced quantity of antioxidants which promoted a healthy immune system in the dog’s body and improve the overall health.

  • Ideal for dogs suffering from kidney disease
  • Promote overall health due to balanced ingredients
  • The restricted amount of protein and phosphorus
  • It contains antioxidants and high quality of protein


  • Suggested by the vets
  • Improve kidney functions
  • High-quality protein
  • No prescription required
  • Good in taste and size


  • Expensive product
  • Only for adult dogs
  • Very small bites

This is among those foods which have been suggested by the vet if the dog is suffering from kidney diseases or condition. The main of this food is to improve the kidney functions. It has the only high quality of protein and other ingredients. Sadly it is bit costly but good for the dog’s health.

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Eagle Pack Dog Food

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This brand of pet’s food is known for the healthy food products. By keeping the volume of protein lower in their products for dogs who are suffering from chronic health conditions the company keeps the balance in other nutrition. It is available in multiple options including separate packages for puppy and large breed dogs. The source of protein in this dog food is real lamb meat.

As per brand’s policy, they have added only high quality and natural ingredients with no artificial products like con, flavor, wheat, and preservatives etc. This food is also good for those dogs that need to eat glucosamine hydrochloride food to support joint and hip.

Other than above, this product has been backed by the Eagle Pack Guarantee, so you can purchase it and give it to your dog without worrying about the quality.

  • Only good quality protein sources used
  • Fiber took from oat, brown rice and tomato
  • Promoted good immune functions in dogs
  • Balanced fats, carbs, amino acids and protein
  • Available only in original meat flavors


  • Suitable for all age of dogs
  • It I also a glucosamine hydrochloride food
  • Only balanced nutrition, mineral, and vitamin
  • It has been backed by the Eagle Pack Guarantee
  • Available in different flavors and size
  • It is also cheap in by price as compare to others


  • The small dog may have diarrhea
  • It is not a grain free food.

A good dog owner will know the value of balanced ingredients in the dog food especially when the dog is suffering from health conditions. This product is ideal as it can be given at any stage of the life. Do not need to replace or move to other healthy food products once your dog or puppy got familiar with the taste of this food.

Check Price & Availability & Buyers Reviews

Wellness CORE Dry Dog Food

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I recommend this product to those who are looking for a premium quality dog food which is not the only dog in taste for the dog but also grain free. The dogs who are suffering from the kidney disease are still allowed to eat protein as long as it has not been taken from the grain. This Wellness product is the complete package for the dogs.

By taste, it is available in many meat options like chicken, turkey, salmon, and whitefish and even in the rabbit and duck flavor. So, your dog will not guess by the taste that he is eating a low protein dog food and easily get familiar with this.

The company has used different sources for the protein and other nutrition. It is rich with protein taken from turkey, chicken, and real vegetables.

  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • No corn, wheat, meat by-product added
  • Clean from artificial color and flavors
  • Rich source of protein for dogs
  • 100% grain free dog food


  • By price, it is very cheap
  • Multiple flavors available
  • Rich in essential vitamins
  • Good fatty acids and minerals
  • High-quality protein and carb


  • Short expiry period
  • Could face mold issue.

By adding the meat flavors in this dog food, the company has made the life of many dog owners very easy. It can easily help your dog to get familiar with this food. It is available in different flavors and sizes. So you can easily try all of them to know that which will be more suitable for your dog.

Check Price & Availability & Buyers Reviews

Mattie’s Healthy Treats for Dogs with Kidney Disease 16 oz

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Low price, low protein and a safe product for dogs who are suffering from kidney disease make this Mettie’s dog food one of the best product for the dog’s parents. Usually, the price of special dog food like this are expensive (As you can see on my list) but the company keeps the price of this dog treat low.

It is available in cinnamon and pumpkin taste which has been loved by the dogs. To make it more healthy and safe for the kidney disease dogs, the company has added low phosphorus in it with no scratching stuff like corn, wheat, and soy. The vet suggests this treats due to its taste and nutrition. The size of these treats is neither big nor small. Your grown dog will love to eat it.

  • It is soy, corn, and wheat free
  • Available in pumpkin and cinnamon taste
  • Among few of healthy treat products
  • Low phosphorus and protein
  • Good for the kidney disease dogs.


  • The price of this treat is low
  • A treat which keeps your dog healthy
  • Nonstretchy ingredients
  • Suitable for little and large dogs
  • Made in USA (or at least packed)


  • It is not gluten-free
  • Limited flavor available.

There are very few dog treat products available for the dogs who are suffering from kidney disease or liver disease (or both). This product is an excellent option for such dog owners who are looking for a dog treat for their dog suffering from health issues. Not just the ingredients wise but price-wise it is a great product to buy.

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Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food

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The Natural Balance is a popular brand who is known for the quality food products for animals including dogs. They have made a good range of low protein dog food. Their food packages are available in different flavors, sizes and even in shapes. This Natural Balance food package is also available in treats so you can easily help your dog to move from regular diet to low protein diet.

It is a grain free product with very limited ingredients. To make is healthy for the dogs, the company has used only balanced nutrition with no artificial colors, flavor, and preservatives. You can purchase it in different flavors including sweet potato.

This product has been made for the adult dogs who are suffering from the liver disease and dogs suffering from food allergies. This is a dry food, so it is easy to carry when you are traveling with your dog.

  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Free from grain and comes with limited ingredients
  • Balanced nutrition, vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • 10% of total fat in per serving.


  • Full of the healthy ingredients
  • Dry, nutrition full and healthy
  • Available in different taste
  • Dog treat is also available
  • Dog loves it due to the taste.


  • Price wise it is an expensive dog food
  • Some ingredients imported from China.

It is an ideal dog food for those dog owners who are looking for a complete grain-free food for their dogs. The company has not used any artificial ingredients in this food package. The high-quality ingredients of this food make it expensive but in return, you are getting really healthy and nutritious food for your dog.

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ROYAL CANIN Canine Renal Support A Dry

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This is an excellent food for the dogs suffering from the liver and kidney diseases but sadly it comes with the limited stock. It has been formulized with high-quality protein and other ingredients to improve the overall health of the dog.

It has been enriching with DHA and EPA which help in the inflammatory reactions and regulate them. With high energy and dietary fat, this food is completely safe and healthy for the dogs suffering from the health conditions.

Whether your dog is suffering from the initial stage of kidney diseases or already reached to advance stage, this food is suitable for all of them. The Vet usually suggests this food to those dogs that have the early stages of chronic disease because it could help to manage it in short time.

It has not been designed from any specific breed of the dog, whether you have large size dog or a small breed dog, you can give this healthy food to both of them.

  • This food has been enriched with EPA and DHA
  • Low in protein, dietary fat and high energy
  • Good for all ages of kidney disease
  • Helps to manage early stages of chronic disease
  • Suitable for all breed of dogs including small


  • High-quality protein source
  • Premium quality dog food
  • Suggested by most of the vets
  • Suitable for all dogs


  • Limited stock
  • A bit costly
  • Few reviews

If your dog has been diagnosed with the early stage of chronic kidney disease, then this is a perfect food to give due to its quality ingredients. Sadly, it is available in limited stock but you can book in bulk to store for the whole year. It is a dry dog food, so you can store it easily.

Check Price & Availability & Buyers Reviews

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dry Dog Food

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This low protein dog food package is a complete treat for your adult dog that is at least 7 years old. It has dry food with the minimum quantity of protein, so your dog still gets the required amount of protein and keeps the active whole day.

This food has many ingredients including grain. Usually, the low protein foods are grain free which makes it difficult for the dog to eat it. The company has added some grain in this food so it keeps the yummy and healthy for the dog that required eating a minimum amount of protein

The Hill’s dog food is only made for the dogs that are 7 or older than this. This is nor puppy food neither a food for the pregnant or nursing dogs. To keep it safe for the dogs, the company has added no artificial colors, preservatives, and even the flavors.

  • Clinically proven vitamins which have been antioxidant blends
  • No artificial ingredients including color and flavors
  • Made from natural minerals, amino acids, and vitamins
  • A healthy food to make the immune system strong


  • Imported ingredients used
  • Healthy and nutrition full
  • Have Vitamins T and C
  • No artificial colors added
  • No artificial flavors added


  • It is not a grain free food
  • Not availed in small bites

Pick this food if you are very careful about your dog’s health and do not want to give him a low protein food which contains artificial flavors and even the preservatives. If your dog is finding it difficult to move from a grain free diet, then this food is highly recommended.

Check Price & Availability & Buyers Reviews

FAQ About Dog Food Which is Low in Protein

1. Why low protein diet for dogs?

The low protein diet for dogs only needed when they are suffering from chronic health conditions. These conditions made difficult for them to digest the amino acids which have been found in the protein. Examples of chronic health conditions are nephropathies, chronic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis and acute kidney failure etc.

2. What is protein, exactly?

Protein is bimolecular which work in so many different ways to keep the health of body right. They do not only help the body in the regulation. Blood circulation and keeping the structure of the body in shape but also work in body cells.

3. Why is Protein Important for Dogs?

Protein work in the same way in dog’s body as it works for the humans. It provides energy, makes immune system strong, and creates chemicals like enzymes and hormones. Protein is made u of amino acids which required by the dog to live healthily.

Video: Low Protein Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Click here to see the video.


The picking the right food for your dog should be your priority because the low protein food has been suggested to the dog in limited conditions. So, do not ignore to read the percentage of protein and other nutrition when purchasing one for your dog. Yes, the price is an important factor too but due to the high demand of these products, the prices are usually high. But in return, your dog gets relief from pain and start living the healthy life.

Take the suggestion from the vet if you are still not sure that which product will be suitable for your dog. If your dog suggests any of these brands then compare them before purchase one. If vet asked you to go with any low protein food, then this is an ideal list for you.