If the vet of your dog has suggested you to give low sodium dog food due to the health condition of your dog, then it could be a bit challenging for you as the dog owner to decide that which food is best for your dog. Today there are so many dog food brands that are making special recopies including dog food with low sodium quantity which are canned, dry and wet. People are choosing them because like the human, the low salt food can give good health to your pets.

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  3. Hill’s Prescription Diet h/d Cardiac Health Dry Dog Food
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  5. Purina Veterinary Diets Canine NF Kidney Function Dry Dog Food

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. Why Give Low Sodium Food to Your Dog?

3. How to Choose the Best Low Sodium Dog Food

4. Best Low Sodium Dog Food of 2018

4.1 Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food

4.2 Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dog Food

4.3 Hills Prescription Diet Cardiac Health Dry Dog Food

4.4 Honest Kitchen Dog Food

4.5 Purina Veterinary Diets Kidney Function Dry Dog Food

5. Conclusion

Why Give Low Sodium Food to Your Dog?

Generally, it is good for your dog health. There are several other reasons too for giving a low salt or without salt food to your dog this increases:

  • Low salt food control the blood pressure of the dog
  • • It can prevent dog to get heart diseases including congestive heart failure
  • Studies have proved that low sodium food make immune system better
  • As a skin and coat point of view, low salt food makes fur better and shiny
  • The dog who eat food with low salt or sodium has proven high energy level.

In short, the low sodium dog food improves the health of the dogs. That’s why as the dog owner you should consider choosing this food. Especially if you have the senior dogs because they required additional care because they can get health condition easily due to a weak immune system.

How to Choose the Best Low Sodium Dog Food

You simply cannot give your dog a food which is completely clean from sodium. Sodium is also necessary for the dog body but lesser is better. The vet usually tells the daily requirement of sodium for the dog. This can help you pick the best food for your dog. The minimum amount of sodium which should be given to the dogs per day is 0.1% of whole food while the maximum should not exceed from 0.5%

So, when you are purchasing food for your good, look at the calories intake along with the portion of sodium. Other than that, look for the following things.

  • The low sodium food for dogs must have whole protein source in the ingredient lists
  • The food should be made in a country with high standards like USA, UK, Australia, and Canada
  • There should be no addition of any artificial and fake color, flavor, dyes, and additives
  • The low salt food should be properly labeled with low sodium ingredients
  • The source used in the low sodium dog food should be meat by-products and labeled

You can go for the further options like brands that make only low sodium food for dogs and medical formula food for your dog if he/she is suffering from any heart and kidney related diseases.

Best Low Sodium Dog Food of 2018

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food

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I am listing this product on the top of the list of my low sodium dog food due to two reasons. First, it has the most number of reviews which are all positive and second the brand name which is known for the high quality and healthy dog food products.

The recipe of this food is made for the dogs which have sensitive skin and stomach. By moving to this product, the skin and stomach health of your dog start improving within a month. This has been due to the natural and balanced dry ingredients. The dry form of this made also help to make the jaw and teeth of the dog strong. Every ingredient has been formalized carefully so that it becomes easy for the dog to digest in a short time.

For further health benefits, there are omega 6 fatty acids have been included in other important vitamins and minerals which also gives your dog a glossy coat. Not just the sodium which has been added in the minimum amount in the recipe of this food but company made sure that no product of them contains any type of artificial color, flavor, and preservatives etc.


    • Specially formulized for sensitive skin and stomach
    • Rich in nutrition, important vitamins, and minerals
    • Only omega 6 has been used as the source of fatty acids
    • Easy to digest, improve the immune system and boost metabolism
    • Due to its size, it can be used as the dog treat
  • It is one of the best vet choice food products as per rank.


  • It may cause vomiting due to low salt
  • Product main damage during shipment.

This dog food is not only low in sodium but the rest of the salt is iodized so that your dog only eats the best. If you read the complete list of the ingredients, you will found that this product has all the essential ingredients which a dog should eat for the healthy lifestyle. Price main be a bit high for some people but overall it is an ideal medical dog food to feed.

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Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dog Food

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The low sodium dog food is usually expensive in the price because the recipe of these foods has a special ingredient to keep the taste of the food yummy for the dog. This may look an expensive dog food at first look but when you look at the list of ingredients and pros, you will found it an ideal product for your dog.

This food bag does not only fill the stomach of your dog but also prevent tissue inflammation in your dog. The moderate amount of sodium in this food bag can easily reduce the blood pressure and improves the overall health of the heart in dogs. Usually, the dog food has been advertised with vitamin E and C but this product also contains B vitamins which help boost cardiac health in very short time after a regular use.

Due to the ingredients of this list, this is an ideal food for the dog that is suffering from any heart-related conditions or has tissue inflammation.


  • This food prevent tissue inflammation in the dog
  • Reduce blood pressure and improve heart health
  • This is a proven formula to boost cardiac health
  • Rich in Omega 3 and have moderated sodium content
  • It can be used as medicine as early cardiac food.


  • It is one of the expensive dog foods
  • The limited number of user reviews.

Sadly, there aren’t much user reviews available for this product. There are two reasons for that; first it is an expensive dog food and second, it is a new product. As a newbie, you could easily rely on this food as it has been manufactured and advertised by a popular brand. Usually, vet suggests this food product because of the healthy recipe which is rich with all the important ingredients which a dog must have to live a healthy life.

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Hills Prescription Diet Cardiac Health Dry Dog Food

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Does your dog have blood pressure issues, cardiac muscles problems or other heart-related problems? If your dog is suffering from any of these health conditions then this dog product has been made for your dog because it has low sodium, high taurine, and L-Carnitine in it.

The recipe for this food contains the low level of sodium. With the help of low salt, the blood pressure could be maintained without any further medication where the High level of L-Carnitine and taurine support both heart function and cardiac muscle metabolism respectively.

Hill’s recipes are famous for the high amount of vitamins. This food bag contains the increased amount of B vitamins and magnesium. Both of them help replenish nutrients lost.


  • This recipe has been created for cardiac health
  • Rich with L-Carnitine, Protein, and Taurine
  • This food contains increased magnesium and B-vitamins
  • Hill’s food help in cardiac muscle metabolism
  • This food proved to maintain blood pressure
  • It is suitable for all breeds of dogs.


  • Very few reviews available for this product
  • By price, it is an expensive product in the market.

Branded products with limited formulas are always expensive because the companies know that there aren’t any competitor of them exists. This is what happened with this dog food.

It’s ideal formula, healthy ingredients and quality of nutrition are not the only reasons which make it expensive but the name of the brand too. You won’t find a product which has all of these qualities at one play. So, if your vet suggested a low sodium diet for your dog, then there is no better option than this exists.

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Honest Kitchen Dog Food

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There are very few companies out there who describe the ingredients of their product in a fun way so that the buyer can read them all and know that what he/she is purchasing. I love the idea of Honest Kitchen which they have used to describe the list of ingredients which their 10 LB dog food bag contains.

It contains 10 pounds of ranch based raised beef, 12 carrots, 5 potatoes, 4 decored apples, 5 handfuls of can berries, 7.5 eggs and 1 bunch of spinach. All of these ingredients have been naturally harvested so that your dog only receive the healthy nutrition.

This food is available in three different rich flavors and four different pack sizes including starter kit. To make it simple for all dog owners, the company has made a versatile formula which can be given to all size of dogs. The organic whole grain and raised beef have included in the recipe which is human grade. This means that your dog will eat the same quality of the food which you eat.

To make it more delicious and original with taste, the company has made it clean from all colors, preservatives and GMO ingredients.


  • It is 100% human grade and dehydrated whole food
  • Helps to get rid of itching and scratching
  • This formula also helps in case of upset tummies
  • There are no GMO and artificial ingredient added
  • By price, it is very affordable and cheap.


  • This food does not smell well
  • Some customers report loses in weight.

This is a good bag of food not just because of the low amount of sodium but also due to the premium quality ingredients. In the start, it may cause some problem as the diet of your will be changed but in long term, this bag of food will only provide benefits, especially make the heart healthy.

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Purina Veterinary Diets Kidney Function Dry Dog Food

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It is not the packing of this food bag which is premium but the whole bag is premium because of high-quality ingredients, vitamins, nutrition, and minerals etc. The formula of this food can help in several health conditions like kidney problems, chronic disease, and blood pressure. This has been done because of the limited amount of salt and sodium in it.

This food has been based on the therapeutic diet which means that it is ideal for the dogs who are suffering from chronic kidney and acute kidney diseases. Low phosphorus and low salt ingredients in this food bag support the overall help of the dog’s kidney. To make it rich in fatty acids, the company has used omega 3 and 6 in the recipe of Veterinary Diets recipe.

Other than all of this, the company knows the importance of the protein in the dog’s food that’s why there is a rich amount of restricted protein in this food bag which will keep your dog healthy, mentally and physically active.


  • Restricted protein included
  • Rich in omega fatty acids
  • Low in salt and phosphorus
  • Affordable low sodium dog food.


  • It is a largely sized kibble
  • The food is not very tasty.

Low sodium foods for the dogs are not famous for the high quality of protein because the amount of protein and natural salt is always in the natural protein. But to keep it healthy, tasty and nutrition full, the company included a limited amount of high quality in this product.

This is an ideal product not just because of the balanced amount of protein but also due to the nutrition, vitamins, and minerals which are all balanced and extracted from the natural source.

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A dog usually required to eat low salt food in certain conditions which could be turned into serious condition if the proper food has not been given to them. So make sure that you do not ignore it and select only the best food for your dog. You can take help from the above list and share your reviews with us that how you found the specific food for your dog.