It is a general rule when you bring puppies in your house, you must know that when can puppies drink water and when puppies eat dog food because health depends most on these two things. So, as a dog parent, you must know about everything related to water and food, especially when the puppies start drinking water.

Usually, people who never had a puppy in their life believe that the puppies need less water for drinking than an adult dog because of their size and age while the truth is totally opposite. An adult dog drinks 1 ounce of water, per pound of body weight water were on other hands the quantity of the puppy’s water is same.

There are three main things which can help the dog owner to know that how much water their puppies need to drink a day and these three things are size, age and activity level of the puppies.

The puppies who are very active and spend most of their day in physical activities, jumping, playing, running and walking required more water to drink than a puppy who has less physical activities. Although, with the age and size, the consumption of the water should be increased as per the vet suggestion.

1. Why is Water Important for Puppies?

2. When Can Puppies Drink Water?

3. How Much Water Should a Puppy Drink a Day?

4. How to Know if Your Puppy Needs Water?

Why is Water Important for Puppies?

Like food, the water is equally important for the dogs. Yes, this is true that giving them water can help keep the puppies hydrated but this is not the only reason to give water to the puppies.

The water also helps in the digestion and help the body to keep in the working condition. If the puppies do not get enough amount of water on daily basis, then its become impossible for the nutrition to move and aid the cell so that the body temperature stay’s balance and the puppy keeps alive.

That’s not it, like a human body, the water help the body to perform the major functions which include breathing, help in the blood flow, keep the brain active and remove the harmful toxins etc.

When Can Puppies Drink Water?

A vet can tell you the exact time when to introduce and food in the life of the puppy. They suggest the right time after looking few things which includes the size, weight, and breed of the dog.

If the puppy is in the mother’s milk then you should start slowly wean the mother’s milk from puppy and start introducing the water right after 3 to 4 weeks of their birth. If the puppies are very week, then do not introduce water or any kind of food as the mother’s milk is enough for them to provide them energy and fulfill the nutrition requirements.

As a general rule, the water and food can be introduced to the puppies after 3 to 4 weeks of their age. Introducing water isn’t much difficult. All you need to do is to provide a warm place and separate the puppy from mother for few hours.

In this time, you can give soft, easy to digest food and a bit of warm water (it should not be very cold or hot). Give puppy some time to explore the water and even food. Increase the time away from the mother as this will help the puppy to become independent easily and quickly.

How Much Water Should a Puppy Drink a Day?

Usually, the dog owners leave the water bowl for their dogs all the time and change the water from the bowl when required. This is not a good practice because this does not able you to monitor that how much water your puppies are drinking. Over or under drink can lead to many problems. That’s why it is very important that as a dog owner you must know that how much is over the drink or under drink.

Overdrinking of water among puppies can lead to the health problems like electrolyte imbalance, bloat in stomach and water toxicity etc while on other hands the under drink may lead to the kidney stone, dehydration and even the death. So, as a dog owner, you must know that how often puppies should drink water and quantity.

There are total six things which can help you to decide that how much water your puppies should drink. These six things are:

Size: 1 or even 1/2 ounce of water against per pound body weight in a day is enough

Food: If your puppies eat dry food then they need to drink more water

Age: The amount of water does not really increase with the age of the dog

Exercise: If your puppies are involved in many physical activities, then their body required more water

Weather: Just like humans, summer is more water season while winter will let your dog drink less water

Medication: If your dog is on any type of medication then take advice from the vet regarding the quantity of the water.

How to Know if Your Puppy Needs Water?

There are several ways to check that whether your puppy needs water or not. Usually, after physical activities, the body needs a good amount of water. If your dog is the dog which stays in the house and does not have many physical activities then it does not mean that he/she does not require drinking the water.

You can easily check whether your puppies need to drink water or not by the following methods:

Scratch any part of your dog’s skin. If the skin snaps within a second, then its mean that the body of the dog is hydration and dog does not require drinking water. If the snapping process is slow, then you should consider giving water to the puppies.

You can also check whether your puppies are hungry or not simply by testing their gums. If the gums are dry, then its mean that the puppies need the water.

You can also check whether your puppy is thirsty or not simply by passing water bowl to him and wait for few seconds. If the puppy drinks the water, it means that the puppy was thirsty. Make sure that you do not try it at the time of food.

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